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Terrier by Tamora Pierce The mumper stomped through my flock just when the ghost was going to tell me her killer's name. "Hey! Puttock!" the cove yelled. "Wha's yer matter – y'love them lousy birds more'n yer own kind?" It was too much, knowing there were seven more digger ghosts today. He'd scared the bird … Continue reading Quote #5


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Terrier by Tamora Pierce She counted and gave back a copper. Her hand was shaking. "Don't mind Yates, he's got a rough manner," she whispered. "He don't – " He knocked her sideways, sending her sprawling on the floor. Now I knew where her bruises came from. "Shut yer gob," he ordered her. He turned … Continue reading Quote #4

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Terrier by Tamora Pierce Diona went to slap him. I realized that after I'd moved, coming off the ground to grab her wrist as I rose. I held on to her as I stood between them. "You're not my lady," I told her, keeping my voice down so no one else might hear if they … Continue reading Quote #3