Useless Things

Think on the falling flower. Think on the midnight blue. For if it's not on useless things, I think, my love, on you. I think on raining warships, On things that don't occur. For if I think on nonsense, now, I'll not what once we were. Think on that old town boardwalk. Think on the … Continue reading Useless Things


Loving You

I sleep with the window open, Fall, December, Spring, and June. Yes, I sleep with the windows up, And I live with the sleet and sun, When it comes to loving you. Let all the flies in, all the storms, I know you have them tucked away. I'll take the good and bad alike, And … Continue reading Loving You


There is something almost parental in the way he reaches for my hand if I walk just a little too far ahead of him. One can see it in the way he reads me his favorite books and how he tucks me into bed before saying goodbye, leaving me the perfect blanket burrito. It's there … Continue reading Eggs