Forest Child

Once upon a time, there was an elf. Old and bored, he didn't have much left to live for. He’d lived through his youth, burned through his many loves, and lived as many experiences as he could know existed. He was living simply because that was his default state of being, being essentially immortal as … Continue reading Forest Child


I Matter

I have a face. I have a name and I have history. I have been twisted into people's lives and timelines, and for that reason, my life mattered. Mattered. I use the past tense because I have until now lived and interacted with others. I have spurred decisions and courses of events. I have changed … Continue reading I Matter

Quote #3

Terrier by Tamora Pierce Diona went to slap him. I realized that after I'd moved, coming off the ground to grab her wrist as I rose. I held on to her as I stood between them. "You're not my lady," I told her, keeping my voice down so no one else might hear if they … Continue reading Quote #3