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Terrier by Tamora Pierce The mumper stomped through my flock just when the ghost was going to tell me her killer's name. "Hey! Puttock!" the cove yelled. "Wha's yer matter – y'love them lousy birds more'n yer own kind?" It was too much, knowing there were seven more digger ghosts today. He'd scared the bird … Continue reading Quote #5


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Terrier by Tamora Pierce She counted and gave back a copper. Her hand was shaking. "Don't mind Yates, he's got a rough manner," she whispered. "He don't – " He knocked her sideways, sending her sprawling on the floor. Now I knew where her bruises came from. "Shut yer gob," he ordered her. He turned … Continue reading Quote #4

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Terrier by Tamora Pierce Diona went to slap him. I realized that after I'd moved, coming off the ground to grab her wrist as I rose. I held on to her as I stood between them. "You're not my lady," I told her, keeping my voice down so no one else might hear if they … Continue reading Quote #3

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Terrier by Tamora Pierce "Well, you'd best take care of her. I've known her all my life, and you couldn't ask for a better-hearted gixie," said Mistress Noll. "I told her she ought to have let me make dumplings of you years ago," she told Pounce, scratching his ears. Pounce mewed sad enough to pull … Continue reading Quote #1