Missed Opportunity

Today, I met the most aesthetically pleasing person I've ever seen. Well, I didn't meet him. I didn't even speak to him. Why didn't I speak to him? I was in a bookstore with my childhood friend, buying this brownie mix flavored concoction to sip on as I read this book that was twenty dollars … Continue reading Missed Opportunity



Timed writing entry. 45 seconds. Word Prompt: Ancient. Type: Story.   The skies reached up around me as I traversed the ancient grounds. Artifacts that no one has laid eyes on in centuries lay scattered across the ground, their value forgotten. My foot stepped upon something soft. In the dust, something the Old Ones called … Continue reading Ancient

Quote #4

Terrier by Tamora Pierce She counted and gave back a copper. Her hand was shaking. "Don't mind Yates, he's got a rough manner," she whispered. "He don't – " He knocked her sideways, sending her sprawling on the floor. Now I knew where her bruises came from. "Shut yer gob," he ordered her. He turned … Continue reading Quote #4


Timed writing entry. 45 seconds. Word Prompt: Points. Type: Story.   Ching. Ching. The numbers increased on my HUD. "There, that is enough," I thought at last as I dropped the knife. Enough good deeds to win me enough grace points. Thoughts of pure, untainted water and streets of gold filled my head. I can … Continue reading Points

Quote #3

Terrier by Tamora Pierce Diona went to slap him. I realized that after I'd moved, coming off the ground to grab her wrist as I rose. I held on to her as I stood between them. "You're not my lady," I told her, keeping my voice down so no one else might hear if they … Continue reading Quote #3


Timed writing entry. 30 seconds. Word Prompt: Decisions. Type: Story.   At the day's end, I will swoop in and snatch you up with my talons. At that time, I'll let you decide whether I'm the courageous hero rescuing the damsel or the dashing villain dooming you to a very interesting night.   Want to … Continue reading Decisions

Quote #1

Terrier by Tamora Pierce "Well, you'd best take care of her. I've known her all my life, and you couldn't ask for a better-hearted gixie," said Mistress Noll. "I told her she ought to have let me make dumplings of you years ago," she told Pounce, scratching his ears. Pounce mewed sad enough to pull … Continue reading Quote #1