Recycled Actors

It is so easy to fall in love with characters from your favorite show. I watch BBC’s Sherlock, Doctor Who and several other shows that tend to be absorbing. But it’s always very strange and slightly exhilarating to see the actors from these shows in other movies or shows. Benedict Cumberbatch, while playing Sherlock, plays a brilliant character, full of egotistical charm (or lack thereof), and he has wit sharp enough to leave a lasting cut. However, Cumberbatch also plays in other things, such as the pedophilic rapist from Atonement. The actor who plays Voldemort in Harry Potter also plays as James Bond’s good willed superior. We see these actors thoroughly become these characters, so that when we see them elsewhere, it feels like John Watson has gone on a mission with dwarves to reclaim their mountain or like Sherlock Holmes has become a socially inept, homosexual man who built the first computer for the war.

What if real life were like this? What if same faces were just as common as same names? The person who will fall madly in love with you in college might have the same face as the kid who bullied you in high school. The person who is destined to become your mortal enemy through some course of events could have the same face as your mother.


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