I was scrolling through shows to watch today, and there were many good candidates. My search ended, however, when I stumbled upon this ludicrous show describing a man whose negative emotions had festered for so long that they solidified into blades that protruded from his skin. It was a silly concept (with similarly silly acting), but it’s interesting to think that one’s emotions could be so easily detectable.

Today, no one makes eye contact with a stranger, and no one can see misery until a person explodes from it. We have expressions, and we use them at our convenience. We don’t tend to use them when they are necessary, however. I started imagining a world where someone couldn’t even fake as simple an emotion as disappointment at a birthday gift, though not through quite as drastic a change as sprouting blades. When a person is sad, if they turned as blue as Sadness in “Inside Out,” they wouldn’t be ignored. It would be humiliating, but, through that humiliation, having emotions would become more acceptable than it is right now. Right now, displaying any emotion is an overreaction.


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